Good Citations Changes
in reverse chronological order


APA template error fixed!

One of your APA templates was missing the () around the year. It's all better now.


Minor bug fixes!

We had some problems with internal links that are now resolved.


We now have Chicago and Turabian styles!

New Chicago Project
New Turabian Project
And we are working on templates for other styles.


Our New Domain Name EasyCite.NET

Now that we're starting to get some traffic . . .
. . . We now have our own domain name. A nice short name.


MLA Citation Style Added!

OK, this is were it is really getting fun. Now that we support more then 1 style, you have to 'tell' the website if you want to use APA or MLA.
New APA Project or New MLA Project
If you just click on 'Edit Citations' with out creating a new project, then the program will create a new project for you using APA style.
You still have the option of changing the style by clicking 'Show Project Details' within the 'Edit Citations' page.


APA Citation Tips

At the bottom of the citations page we now have included tips.


Now you can add notes to your projects.

When viewing a project, you can click on 'Show Project Details' to change the name of the project, the class, or to edit notes you have taken for the project.


Access your To-Do List from anywhere

Once you log in, you will see TODO List on the menu.


Citation can now be saved!

Citations are saved on the server automatically if you log in.


Citation site first uploaded

Initial release can create alphabetized references.


Citation Project Started

Behind the scenes components created.

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