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APA-CTU Article from Online Database {Authors}. ({Date_Published}). {Article_Title}. {Publisher}. Retrieved {Date_Retrieved}, from {Name_of_Database}.
APA-CTU Book {Author} ({Year}). {Title}. {Place}: {Publisher}.
APA-CTU Book, No Author {Title} . ({Year}). {Location}: {Publisher}.
APA-CTU Book, No Author, With Edition {Title} ({Edition_Ordinal} ed.). ({Year}). {Location}: {Publisher}.
APA-CTU Book, With Edition {Author} ({Year}). {Title} ({Edition_Ordinal} ed.). {Place}: {Publisher}.
APA-CTU Book with Volumes {Author} ({Year}). {Title} (Vol. {Volume_Number}). {Place}: {Publisher}.
APA-CTU Book with Volumes, No Author {Title} (Vol. {Volume_Number}). ({Year}). {Location}: {Publisher}.
APA-CTU CD-ROM Encyclopedia {Title}. ({Year}). Retrieved from {Encyclopedia_Name} [CD-ROM], ({Edition} release. {Location}: {Publisher}
APA-CTU Chat on CTU Virtual Campus {Author} ({Year}, {Month_as_text} {Day}). Chat posting Retrieved {Full_Date}, from CTUO, Virtual Campas, {Full_Course_Code}: {Course_Name}. Phase {Phase}, {Chat_Title}. Chat archive:
APA-CTU Citing classroom materials from CTUO CTU Online. (c. {Year}). {Name_of_the_presentation} [multimedia presentation]. Colorado Springs, CO: CTU Online. Retrieved {Month_Retrieved} {Day_of_Month_Retrieved}, {Year_Retrieved}, from CTU Online, Virtual Campus, {Course_Code} {Name_of_Course}: {Section_Number}. {Url}
APA-CTU CTUO Discussion Board (Beta Version) {Author} ({Year}, {Month_as_text} {Day}). Discussion Board posting Retrieved {Date_Retrieved}, from CTUO, Virtual Campus, {Full_Course_Code}: {Course_Name}. Phase {Phase}, {Discussion_Board_Title}. Discussion Board archive:
APA-CTU Discussion List {Author}. ({Year}, {Month_as_text} {Day}). {Message_Title}. Message posted to {Name_of_Discussion_List}, archived at {URL}
APA-CTU E-Book {Author}. ({Year}). {Title} [electronic resource]. {Location}: {Publisher}
APA-CTU Encyclopedia {Author}. ({Year}). {Title}. {Encyclopedia_Name} ({Edition} edition, Vol. {Volume}, pp. {Pages}). {Location}: {Publisher}
APA-CTU Encyclopedia - No Author {Title}. ({Year}). {Encyclopedia_Name} ({Edition} edition, Vol. {Volume}, pp. {Pages}). {Location}: {Publisher}
APA-CTU Magazine {Author}. ({Date_on_Issue}). {Title}. {Magazine_Name}, {Pages}.
APA-CTU Magazine - No Author {Title}. ({Date_on_Issue}). {Magazine_Name}, {Pages}.
APA-CTU Message Posted to a Newsgroup {Author}. ({Year}, {Month_text} {Day}). {Message_Title}. Message posted to {URL}
APA-CTU Newspaper {Author}. ({Year}, {Month} {Day}). {Article}. {Newspaper}. pp. {Pages}.
APA-CTU Newspaper - No Author {Title}. ({Date_on_Issue}). {Magazine_Name}, {Pages}.
APA-CTU Online Encyclopedia {Author}. ({Year}). {Title}. {Encyclopedia_Name} ({Edition} edition, Vol. {Volume}) [electronic version]. {Location}: {Publisher}
APA-CTU Website {Author}. ({Date_of_Publication}). {Title}. Retrieved {Date_of_Access}, from {URL}
APA-CTU Website - No Author {Title}. ({Year}). Retrieved {Full_Date} from {URL}
MLA Book {Authors}. {Title_of_Book}. {Location}: {Publisher}, ({Year_Published})
MLA Book Chapter {Authors}. "{Title_of_Article}." {Title_of_Book}. Ed. {Editor}. {Location}: {Publisher}, {Year_Published}: {Pages}
MLA Encyclopedia {Authors}. {Title}. {Name_of_Encyclopedia}. {Edition} ed. {Year_Published}
MLA Encyclopedia - CD-ROM {Last_Name},{FIrst_Name}. "{Article_Title}." {Encyclopedia_Name}. CD-ROM.{Edition(yyyy, 4th)} ed.{Location}:{Publisher},{Date}.
MLA Journal {Authors}. "{Title_of_Article}." {Title_of_Periodical} {Volume} ({Year_Published}): {Pages}
MLA Newspaper or Magazine {Authors}. "{Title_of_Article}." {Title_of_Periodical} {Date_Published}: {Pages}
MLA Online Database {Author_Last_Name}, {Author_First_Name}. "{Article_Title}." 02 Feb. 1980. {Name_of_Database}. {Service_Provider}. {Name_of_Library}, {City}. 22 Feb. 2009 .
MLA Website {Authors}. "{Title_of_Page}." {Name_of_Website}. {Year}. {Publisher}. {Date_Retrieved} <{URL}>
Chicago Blog {Blog_Title}. {URL}.
Chicago Book {Authors}. {Year}. {Title}. {Location}: {Publisher}.
Chicago Electronic Book {Authors}. {Year}. {Title}. {Location}: {Publisher}. {URL}
Chicago Journal Article {Authors}. {Year}. {Article_Title}. {Journal_Title}. {Vol}: {Pages}.
Chicago Newspaper article {Authors}. {Year}. {Article_Title}. {Newspaper_Name}, {Location}: {Publisher}. {Article_date}, {Section_name}, {Edition}
Chicago Online Database {Database_Title}. {URL}.
Chicago Popular magazine article {Authors}. {Year}. {Article_Title}. {Title}. {Location}: {Publisher}. {Date}
Chicago Website {Author}. {Page Title}. {Location}. {Publisher}. {URL}.
Turabian Book {Author_Last_Name}, {Author_First_Name}. {Year_Published}.{Article_Title}. {Location}: {Publisher}
Turabian Journal Article {Author_Last_Name}, {Author_First_Name}. {Year_Published}. "{Article_Title}." {Journal_Title}, no. {Vol} ({Date_Published}): {Pages}.
Turabian Magazine Article {Author_Last_Name}, {Author_First_Name}. "{Article_Title}." {Magazine_Title}. {Date_Published}, {Pages}.
Turabian Website {Author_Last_Name}, {First_Name}. {Year_Published}. "{Page_Title}." {Title_of_Website}. Available from Internet, {URL}, accessed {Date_Retrieved}.
Turabian Website - No Author {Publisher}. "{Page_Title}." {Title_of_Website}. Available from {URL}. Internet; accessed {Date_Retrieved}.

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